Colorado quality interior painting and decorating  Colorado quality interior painting and decorating  Colorado quality interior painting and decorating  Colorado quality interior painting and decorating  Colorado quality interior painting and decorating
 Colorado quality interior painting and decorating  Colorado quality interior painting and decorating  Colorado quality interior painting and decorating  Colorado quality interior painting and decorating
 Colorado quality interior painting and decorating  Colorado quality interior painting and decorating  Colorado quality interior painting and decorating


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Recent studies proved that colors can affect man's being for each color has certain signals, and each signal permeates through human's neurological system, mental and psychological state. People also believe that colors can change their opinions and make a difference in their lives.

The general outlook of energy scientists and psychologists with regards to colors differs depending on the effect of each color individually. For instance, if we take a look at the rainbow colors, which we call Heptathlon Spectrums in the Energy Science, we will find that every single color has unique interpretation. Rainbow contains the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet which vary in their vibrations. Below, we will discuss those colors in terms of their psychological influence.

Color Red: the diplomatic color:

Psychologists say that it is the color of love but energy scientists say this color signify belonging plus its vibration and wavelength effect on the neurological system and the body cells strengthens the sense of belonging and affiliation. For example, the person who undergoes a state of familial disturbances or the person who's been away from his country or family or the lonesome person, they all need the color red in their lives. Psychologists depend on this color in their therapy sessions to help balance or adjust those persons' feelings. Also, the person who wears red in any given day apparently his/ her body needs the red color to boost or enhance their feeling of belonging. This clearly explains the secret concept of the red carpet we see in political occasions

Color Orange: an appetizer:

This color, depending on its significance, is very much suitable in dining rooms and restaurants because it gives energy and liveliness. But, it is not suitable in bedrooms since it causes sleeplessness because it is one of the red color grades and derivatives. These colors, red and orange, are fiery colors inspired from the sun which give uplifting feeling; so, it's recommended to wear these colors at daylight. Orange is also recommended for depressed people who lost the zest of life or who feel lonely and boredom.

Color Yellow; Self-confidence:

This color is a self-confidence one and a person who lacks this confidence will avoid yellow in everything because his/her unconsciousness refuses any interaction since the color yellow contradicts that person's personality. So, it's recommended that parents should teach their kids to wear yellow and encourage them. This will boost their morals and enhance their confidence in their overall abilities.

Color Green: The Color of love.

According to the energy scientists, the green color is the color of love because it is life color. So, everything green in life has a soul and full of life because they are inseparable. The color green signals affect each one of us and give us a sense of relief, comfort, and love. So, be sure that when you wear green, you need some love today.

Color blue: self-expression and deep thinking color:

It is one of the coolest colors. It speaks of life. It is the color of skies, ocean and twilight. Some ancient civilizations like the Egyptians used this color to represent heaven. Blue also has a calming effect and symbolizes serenity, tranquility and spirituality. That's why it is recommended to use it in the babies' room. It is the first choice of conservative people for having elegant effect. It is widely used by artists to depict perspective and profound feeling.

Color Indigo: and the quest for truth:

It is the color of the deep night sky which represents beauty, mystery and a sense of wisdom. However, this color can have a negative effect if used in a depressed state because it deepens the feelings and dims the soul. This color helps generate profound thoughts, personal interests and meditation. Wear this color when you want to have self-encouragement or to develop your intuition or to solve a problem.

Color Violet: and spirituality:

This color is a combination of red and blue and it's been said that it is used in magic. It represents purposeness and it is associated with inspiration, enlightenment and imagination because it has the energy of red combined with the soothing and calming effect of blue color. You can use violet in your life when you want to boost your imagination to its limits or to rebalance your life around you.

With all this being said it is a time to find the color palette for your home that will fit your  personality and will make your home a harmonious, warm and inviting place. Think about colors that have some meaning to you, that make you feel good, relaxed and content. Look around your home, look at your furniture, decorations and find the colors that you like. When you are ready to test some colors on the walls, instead using the small color swatches from your local paint store, buy a few sample paint jars and paint a bigger areas of your walls. Look at the colors in different times of a day, different light and play with your home decor and furniture till you find the colors that will make you happy.

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